Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard

Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard

Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard

Programmable keyboard LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB with 4 virtual COM ports.

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  • Sizes - W231 mm; H204 mm; D36 mm. Magnetic card reader width: 45 mm
  • Programmable keys - 64
  • Layout levels - 4
  • Type of keys - Cherry MX1A (Germany) or high quality analog
  • Сlicking resource - more than 50'000'000 on one key
  • Protection against contamination - No
  • Additional power supply - 12 V +/- 5% 4A
  • Power supply voltage - 5 V ± 10% (PS/2, USB: power supply through the interface port) or 8...12 V (RS232: power supply through the interface port)
  • Average current consumption - 20mA (PS/2, USB), 10mA (RS232)
  • Operating temperature - 0°C...+70°C
  • Storage temperature - -40°C ...+70°C
  • Warranty period - 2 year

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Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard with 4 virtual COM ports

The LPOS-064-USB-QUADCOM keyboard with 64 programmable buttons in 4 levels is designed to work together with modern miniature computers as part of POS-systems.
Miniature computers that are so popular at the cashboxes and most of the system blocks of other form-factors no longer have built-in RS232 ports, and the cash register still uses COM-ports. Automators have to use USB-RS232 converters, solve problems with separate power supply of such peripherals, there is a large number of wires and power supplies at the cash register.
In view of these features, a USB programmable keyboard was designed with a USB -> 4xRS232 converter with built-in switching of 5V or 12V power supply to one of the pins of the RS232 port connectors.

POS-system with programmable keyboard LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB-M12 with 4 built-in COM ports (RS232) and additional power to the connectors

The possibility of switching one of the voltages to the COM-port sockets eliminates the need to connect a separate power supply to each of the peripherals.

Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB-M12 keyboard with 4 built-in COM ports (RS232) and additional power on the connectors

Voltage switching is carried out by switches separately for each COM-port.

Switching additional voltages of COM ports (RS232) in a programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard

In Fig. the switching contacts connections are shown:

LPOS-064_QUADCOM-UASB power supply jumpers

PIN1 and PIN9 - pins 1 and 9 are on the RS232 connector
Functioning of COM ports RS232 9 connector

For example, the following combination of switches:

Switching RS232 COM port signals in a programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard
will mean that the power is not connected to the pins of the connector, and the standard DCD and RI modem signals are connected to pins 1 and 9.

Another example:

Switching of supply voltage and RS232 COM port signals in a programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard
This combination means that the 9 pin of the RS232 connector is connected to + 5V, and the standard DIM modem signal is connected to 1 terminal.

After the installation of the commutating switches, it is strongly recommended that on the outside of the case, under each connector, sign a marker or stick a tag indicating the supply voltage connected to each connector. In the future, this will avoid damage to the equipment due to a mismatch in the supply voltage or confusion when connecting the periphery.

Location of connectors on the back of the keyboard:
- Connector for power supply 12V
- RS232 port connectors
- connector for connecting a USB cable from a computer to a USB-> 4xRS232 converter
- connector for connecting the USB cable of the programmable keyboard

Typical POS configuration:
- programmable keyboard with integrated magnetic card reader and with built-in USB-> 4xRS232 converter
- One common 12V power supply for all peripheral equipment that connects to RS232 ports
- system unit
- monitor
- Check printer
- customer display
- Barcode scanner
- scales (optional)

Installing the USB-> 4xRS232 Converter Drivers
1. Before installing the driver, disconnect the USB cable of the USB-> 4xRS232 converter and run exe from the FTDI_uninstall archive to clear all the ftdi drivers (you will need to restore the ftdiun2k.ini file from the archive in order to restart it)
2. Connect the converter and select the drivers installation from the folder CDM v2.12.28 WHQL Certified (or newer)

Drivers are compatible with all Windows operating systems, x32, x64, including Windows10. To download other OS drivers, go to


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Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard

Programmable LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB keyboard

Programmable keyboard LPOS-064-QUADCOM-USB with 4 virtual COM ports.

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